Returns & Refund

Cancellation of order

All orders may be as the law allows cancelled within 14 days of ordering. This only by contacting FishBone Custom Rod Shop per mail or written to FishBone Custom Rod Shop, Rodenburgstraat 36 - 8510 Marke, Belgium

Return Of Goods after shipping 

We regret we cannot accept goods back for Credit or refund for whatever reason, unless returned in good condition and original package within 14 days of order date. FishBone Custom Rod Shop needs to be informed of the return of goods by written notice (mail accepted) at Fishbone Custom Rod Shop, 36 Rodenburgstraat  - 8510 Marke (Belgique) or

Special Orders 

Special orders or custom ordered goods can not be returned and need to be paid at the time of order. 

Parcel Return Responsibility 

Parcels returned to FishBone Custom Rod Shop via the Post Office or any other agency, the Post Office or such agency acting for the sender, until signed of for reception. 

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