Finatic 5 Plus xtra spool

Finatic Plus 2nd generation

Extra Spool for Hatch Finatic 5Plus Gen 2

  • Capacity large arbor: 20# Hatch Dacron Backing: LA WF5F-120Y, WF6F-100Y, WF7F-80Y; 68# Hatch Premium Backing: WF5F-120Y, WF6F-100Y, WF7F-80Y

  • Capacity mid arbor: 20# Hatch Dacron Backing: WF5F-130Y, WF6F-115Y, WF7F-100Y; 68# Hatch Premium Backing: WF5F-130Y, WF6F-115Y, WF7F-100Y

  • Fully CNC machined in Vista, CA, USA

  • Product usually ships within 10 days

€ 210.00
Tax incl.

Finatic 5 Plus 2nd generation Xtra spool
Backing installed

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