River Gem 10'5 #3/4

Nymph fishing

New arrival in the River Gem range on the idea of ​​Pascal Martin (fishing guide and member of the FishBone ProStaff), tested throughout the 2018 season, the River Gem 10'5 # 3/4 will delight the fishermen practicing mixed fishing in medium and large rivers.

* What Pascal Martin (Fishing guide & FishBone ProStaff) thinks about it *

The modern techniques of fly fishing evolve very quickly. I found that there was a rod missing in the River Gem family. A rod a little longer than the 10 '# 3/4 .

I wanted a rod that allows me more comfort through its length to optimize my drifting nymph, dry-nymph and drowned. Eddy has accepted this new challenge and conceptualised the River Gem 10'5 # 3/4. Simply exceptional!

I tested this rod for more than 7 months now and you do find the identity of the River Gem back in this one: accuracy, balance, reserve of power and flexibility. Nothing is missing on this rod, approaching the starting ring to reduce belly on the line, two snake rings before the tip ring to avoid overcurling, Rings Recoil single footed ultra light for others, fighting butt , points of alignment allowing a perfect adjustment of the blank.

This rod is ideal for fishing medium and large rivers, its versatility allows fishing drowned, dry, dry-nymph and all the techniques of nymphs over. It is on the Dordogne with part of the Fishbone Prostaff Mickael Andrieu fishing guide and Glenn Delporte that we validated all the techniques we wanted to see on a rod for big rivers.

For having fished for hours on the Dordogne with this rod, I can assure you that you forget its length, it's just fun to cast with.


  • 3 section blank
  • titanium Rec Recoil guides
  • 2 snake guides
  • hook keeper
  • sections alignment dots
  • your name on the blank (optional)

Standard execution: The rod is standard delivered with a carbon grip.

The fly rod is shipped with its aluminium transport tube and socket. The fly rod is warrantied for a 5 years period.

CategoryDream Cast, Fly rods, River fly rods, Lake fly rods
€ 925.00
Tax incl.

Estimated delivery time for a rod is between 6-8 weeks. If in a rush please contact us at info@fishboneshop.be

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