River 8'6 #2 test report by Pascal Martin


My favourite! It is impossible for me to make the evening rise or a dry fly session without the River Gem 8'6 #2 fly rod, the word pleasure has all its meaning then. 

I've been totally bluffed, the #2 line loads the rod like a #4/5 and enables fast and precise cast at either short or long distances (25 m). Its progressiveness gives you total assurance when fighting a fish and it feels like you're in direct contact with the fish. The impulse given to the rod is immediately transferred to the fly line. Incredibly light, you can cast it all the day long without any fatigue. 

It is on the Dordogne river that I've had the biggest pleasure with a natural silk #2 line where good casts have enable me to land big brownies and graylings. It is for me the reference fly rod for dry fly fishing and light nymphs.

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