FishBone 10'7 No Line


A new fly rod conceptualized by competitors, tested by competitors

It is during a discussion Cédric Maurel (FishBone ProStaff) that the idea cam out: develop a new fly rod dedicated to modern competition nymphing techniques combining length, lightness, balance and good fighting capabilities. 

The new FishBone 10'7 No Line concept was born.

After working several seasons with my ProStaff team many of whom are top competitors and having spent several seasons optimising maxia and other nymphing dedicated fly rods, I spent the winter on this concept, regrouping all our knowledge together. I pushed the concept to its maximum in order to end up with the fly rod answering all the wishes a competitor might have. 

The fishing conditions this spring were tough with high waters and fast currents, but this has enabled us to push the first prototypes to their limits. The first impressions were formidable: ease of cast, precise, enough fighting power, no more line tangles, and when combined with the carbon grip's sensitivity, we knew we had a winner in house! 

What does Cédric Maurel (FishBone ProStaff Competitor) think about it:

My analysis is based on +/- 40 hours of fishing with this new fly rod. I used it with a Peux Fulgor in size 01 (+/- 130g) and a natural silk line 0.55mm.

  • The rod balance is perfect and enable to appreciate the lightness of the rod. I have tested this rod on various rivers' conditions in terms of width(from medium to large)  and flow (calm to fast). Absolutely no arms' fatigue to be noticed even after several hours fishing sessions.
  • The rod action is fast and enable for incredibly precise casting, even at long range with very small nymphs. The combination of the carbon grip and the titanium strippers ease the casting and enable for faster casts. There are less false casts needed to reach effortlessly distances between 10 to 15 meters. 
  • There are no more line tangles with the leaders thanks to the two snake guides on top.
  • The rod tip section absorbs all fish heads movements during the fight and the rods' fighting power reserve has enabled me to land fishes between 35 & 45 cm in less than 15 seconds. Every fight is a real pleasure. The rod tip works a lot and the fighting power in the butt is truly surprising.

All these elements combined have enabled me to take even more pleasure during my fishing sessions. This fly rod is very specific in its use but very polyvalent thanks to the very large range of nymphs that can be used with it.


  • 4 sections blank for easy travel
  • 10'7 length: for high and easy drifts
  • No Line: rod action optimized to fish with 2 rod lengths of leader, in accordance to current FIPS rules
  • Nymph size: any
  • double titanium snake guides on top: eliminating all line tangles for more fishing time
  • titanium single foot guides: super light and giving the blank all its freedom
  • 3 titanium strippers: enable deep flex while resting in constant contact with the line
  • carbon grip: maximum sensitivity, enhanced strike detection, easy fighting (see test report here)
  • ergonomic grip: in perfect continuation of the blank and larger diameter for less fatigue
  • fighting butt: adjustable in weight for a perfect balance with any reel
  • sections alignment marks: for fast and easy set-up
  • hook keeper

4 sections blank, titan Recoil single foot guides, alignment section marks


Double snake guides on top to eliminate line tangles & 3 titanium strippers enabling perfect contact with the line


Ergonomic carbon grip for maximum sensitivity


Fighting butt for a perfect balance


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