Test report: Maxia MX series by Yannick Rivière


Yannick is a professional fishing guide and outstanding competitor, 8 times selected in the French team (vice-world champion team, individual vice-champion of Europe and 3rd team). The Maxia series by FishBone represents the fruit of our collaboration since 4 seasons already. 

The competition drives all fishermen to seek perfection. Even if this one does not exist, some details result a technical ease that allows more freedom. This freedom in turn frees the fly-fisherman and increases his potential confidence. Trust is the keystone that will then be a source of control! The series of Maxia MX4 blanks customized and optimized by Eddy was carried out on my specifications. 

From the guides' layout and disposition to the many small details, everything has been redesigned so that every throw, every drift, every fight is, whatever the fisherman and his level, natural! Here are my impressions and feelings after several fishing seasons with this series of rods: 

9'6 feet #3: 

For the dry fly afficionados.  Contrary to the 10'2 # 0, the 9'6 # 3 is a very typical dry fly fly rod. Of course, fishing nymph does not scare her and no spots are inaccessible thanks to her. The dry fly fishermen will find in it the most performant tool that we have seen for years! 

10'5 # 3

The perfect fly rod for a all fishing techniques!  Versatile model, which allows both high sticking when fishing fast water with dries but also to control long drifts when fishing nymph. Its progressive action enables to counter big fish even on thin tippets and its softness avoids loosing smaller fishes.

10'5 #2: 

Unique model developed by FishBone based on a Maxia blank. It has the same characteristics as the 10'5 #3 but enables even finer fishing! 

10'0 #2: 

The ideal fly rod for low water fishing. It allows to fight the fish on the finest threads (0.10 cent to 0.6 cent). As comfortable for dry fly fishing as for nymphing when associated with a DT #2 fly line. It is a model of precision and discretion! A real reference for fine & precise fishing lovers!


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