Dream Cast 965-4 test report


Overall feel, ergonomics & components:

I have appreciated the fast adaptation to this fly rod thanks to a good balance and the perfect in the hand feel the fly grip gives. The same impressions came out from others fly fishermen present in the trip.

The fly grip (dimension, shape and exotic burl contact) coupled with the lightness of the rod enables for a great comfort with no soreness in my arm at the end of this rather intensive trip...

The reel seat is perfect, with an excellent reel stay, no play or unscrewed rings. I have tested it with a Vivarelli as well with the same results. The soberness of the blank color, the rod components and build give away a touch of elegance and discretion. This fly rod is discrete which is a plus for me when sight fishing.

Test report by Anouck Mattoni, FishBone ProStaff Ambassador

I have fished exclusively with my Dream Cast 9'6 #5  during my trip to Colorado in August 2018 where I encountered very various fishing conditions:

  • 14 fishing days with an average of 7/8 hours fishing time per day
  • River types: medium to large
  • River profiles: various, from low waters to fast waters
  • Target fishes: brown trouts, rainbow & cutthroats, averaging 40 cm in length

I have associated my Dream Cast with a Lamson Liquid 2.0 , a Lee Wulff Triangle Taper #5 and progressive leaders.


Action, precision and fishing techniques used:

One of the major point to be noted with the Dream Cast 965-4 is its polyvalence. I have fished with dry flies, nymphs, sight nymphing, under the rod nymphing and dry/nymph combo with ease and fast adaptation in all the various fishing conditions encountered. I have also appreciated it precision in short, medium and long casts.

Drills and fish fighting power:

Another major plus for me: its fish fighting performances. I never encountered problems when fighting fishes over 45 cm in very fast current. An excellent drill machine when using 12 to 16%.

I now need to further test my rod using even finer leaders and on big fishes during the winter reservoir season.

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